According to the United States Federal Communications Commission:

The amateur and amateur-satellite services are for qualified persons of any age who are interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest. These services present an opportunity for self-training, intercommunication, and technical investigations. Twenty-seven small frequency bands throughout the spectrum are allocated to this service internationally. Some 1,300 digital, analog, pulse, and spread-spectrum emission types may be transmitted.

Millions of amateur operators in all areas of the world communicate with each other directly or through ad hoc relay systems and amateur-satellites. They exchange messages by voice, teleprinting, telegraphy, facsimile, and television. In areas where the FCC regulates the services, an amateur operator must have an FCC or Canadian license. FCC-issued Reciprocal Permit for Alien Amateur Licensee are no longer needed. Reciprocal operation in the U.S. is now authorized by Section 47 C.F.R. § 97.107.

All frequencies are shared. No frequency is assigned for the exclusive use of any amateur station. Station control operators cooperate in selecting transmitting channels to make the most effective use of the frequencies. They design, construct, modify, and repair their stations. The FCC equipment authorization program does not generally apply to amateur station transmitters.



The leading organization for amateur radio in the United States is the ARRL


 One of the services managed through the ARRL is the Amateur Radio Emergency Service or ARES. ARES members provide all types of emergency communications help to served organizations such as the Red Cross or a local government group.


Orange County, Florida ARES Information

The Orange County ARES group meets on the second Monday of each month at 19:00. The meetings are at the county Emergency Operations center in Winter Park.

A radio net is conducted on Thursdays at 19:00 on the W4MCO repeater (443.050 MHz, +5 MHz offset, PL 103.5 Hz).

Disney Emergency Amateur Radio Service (DEARS)

The Disney Emergency Amateur Radio Service meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 17:00. The meetings are held at the All Star Resort cast services building.

A radio net is held on the forth Wednesday of each month at 19:00 on the  WD4WDW repeater (147.300 MHz, +600 KHz offset, PL 103.5 Hz, EchoLink node #632802).

There are 5 repeaters on Disney property:

Rx Frequency Offset PL Tone Mode EchoLink Notes
147.300 MHz +600 KHz 103.5 Hz Analog FM 632802 Primary FM Repeater
145.110 MHz -600 KHz 103.5 Hz      
444.000 MHz +5 MHz Color Code 3 DMR FM    
442.000 MHz +5 MHz 103.5 Hz D-Star FM    
442.500 MHz +5 MHz 103.5 HZ